Sunday, March 8, 2009

Online Dating Chapter One: The 1st Date

Last Tuesday night, I had my first "Blind Date". Or should I say "Match Date"? It was originally scheduled for Friday, but some of his plans fell through so he asked me if I wanted to go out tonight. So I said, "sure, why not!"

Now, to begin with, I wasn't very attracted to him physically and when we chatted online the convo was a little forced at first but once it got going we had some things in common. And since my "type" of guy is not working out for me, I figured, I'll try him on for size.

So we met at a local restuarant in our town. So now remember, I said I was not very attracted to him. Well, when I got there, he was even less attractive - is that mean? Sorry, but it's true. We get a table, sit down, and do a little small talking while looking over the menu. Then we start true conversation and its okay. But he keeps talking about himself. And I'm trying to say things about me, but he just ain't lettin' me. I don't like that.

Then, he ask him why he works a part-time job on night a week. He answers my question and then goes on to say that he's worked at other locations of the place he works now. And names a location where a relative of mine used to work. Then he says -before I say the persons name - "Yeah, I know _____! WOW!! How does he know this! Weeeeird! So I ask how he knows that and he tells me I look just like them! Yikes!

So dinner is over and he asks what time are we doing something friday - cause we orginially had plans then. Jeez-o-man! I told him I'm gonna have to get back to you ......CAUSE I NEED TO GO HOME AND GET THE 411 ON YA NOW!!

I get home, send an email to my informant and go to sleep. Go to work the next day, get a text from my informant that tells me his name is "Stinky", cause he smells, he's a tool, and they will NOT allow it. I wasn't that into him to begin with especially when he would not stop talking about himself! UGH! I should have never attempted to date someone in my town. Am I CrAzY? So to make a long story short (too late, right?) I made up an excuse why I couldn't hang out friday night. There were a few more texts back and forth after that but they have since stopped. Is that bad? Should I have told him "I'm just not that into you"? Doesn't matter much now I guess, but that's date numero uno! What does date 2 have instore for me......

Stay tuned......
-Single Girl