Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post Valentine's Day

It has been a week since Mr. "Old School Crush" and I had our Valentine's sleepover. I have heard nothing from him since so obviously he was mad that I did not fool around. I called him Sunday night and said he was having dinner and would call me back. No call back Sunday night, Monday anytime, I called Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and again Thursday night because we had plans to go out Friday night. It rang a few times and them the phone was answered, I said hello twice, no one said anything and I hung up. The thing that hurts the most is that, although I was starting to develop feeling for him, I truly thought that we were friends. I guess I was wrong. I guess it was just another person trying to get something from me.
Cie la vie!
I have to make this short, I'm getting ready to go down the shore. Hopefully some interesting stories for you!

-Single Girl

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